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Domestic Relations and Family Law

We have been representing families in Trumbull County in the areas of Divorce, Dissolution, Child Custody, Legal Separation, Visitation, Spousal support (alimony), Child Support, Shared parenting and all other areas involvoing Domestic Relations and Juvenile Court.

In Ohio, a marriage can be terminated by divorce or dissolution. A divorce action involves the filing of a lawsuit when the parties cannot settle issues such as a division of assets and liabilities, spousal support, cjhild custody, and visitation rights. A dissolution is filed when the husband and wife or couple have executed a written separation agreement settling all issues of the marriage, including custody of the children, visitation rights, property division and debts.

Whether your divorce is contested or amicable, our lawyers can help you obtain an equitable outcome. Our lawyers are sophisticated enough to handle complex assets such as small businesses. We sometimes work with forensic accountants and other experts who can testify regarding accounting and valuation issues. We will aggressively fight for our clients if matters cannot be resolved amicably. Sometimes it is a good idea to plan ahead and execute a prenuptual agreement to protect assets and childrens inheritances..we can help with this planning tool.

We can also help you negotiate a child custody and visitation agreement that meets the best interests of your children. If an agreement cannot be reached, we will work with the court-appointed guardian ad litem who will testify about who should have primary custody.

The breakup of a marriage is always difficult but with our professional experience we can help minimize the trauma of this experience.

If you want to discuss divorce or dissolution of your marriage, contact an attorney at our firm. From our office in Niles, we represent clients throughout Trumbull County.